The Big List of Things I’ve Written

a.k.a. My CV and Portfolio

Ben Thomas
9 min readMar 14, 2016






The above article sparked a week-long controversy on social media about the state of popular science fandom. Here’s some press coverage from about the debate— and here’s an interview with me about it.




The Cradle and the Sword
A sweeping historical epic set in ancient Mesopotamia

The Excavation
Read aloud on the Pseudopod podcast

The Man With the Myriad Scars
Published in Weird Tales, November-December 2008 issue. Here’s a very nice article that someone wrote about it.

Cormac’s Mirror
Published in the 2008 anthology Bound For Evil

The Menagerie
Published in the 2008 anthology Cthulhu Unbound

While I’m at it, I’ll also mention that I my neuroscience news brand,
The Connectome, has a breaking news website, a SoundCloud podcast, a YouTube channel, and a few thousand fans on Facebook and Twitter and Google Plus. If you want to learn more about the mysteries of your brain (and, I mean, who doesn’t, really) you should check that stuff out.

I spent a year in Turkey, where I made this documentary about the anti-government protests there — and what happened after them.

I’ve given talks at Northeastern University and TEDxAJU. Those were a long time ago. I don’t look like that anymore.

Even longer ago than that, I was the editor-in-chief of a neo-Victorian art and fiction magazine called The Willows — which I created and launched myself, and ran with a very capable team of artists and editors.

Wow — you actually made it all the way down here! Not many make it this far, so I must commend your fortitude. Thank you for reading!